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What is 42?

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"42 is the most efficient program for spiritual transformation"
42 encompasses mind, body and spirit with a complete body cleansing program.
42 is The 40 Day Miracle combined with the special body cleansing program below.
Watch for the new you in 42.


          So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations. (Mat 1:17-18)

42 from The Old to The New   ~    42 Generations from Abraham to Christ

The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42


Days 1 through 42 ~The 40 Day Miracle    40day.com

The 40 Day Miracle is followed for the entire 42 days.
This is important! MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO The 40 Day Miracle during 42. The 40 Day Miracle is the Mind and Spirit transformation.

The dietary program below is the body cleansing portion.



Days 1 through 42 ~ Water

The proper amount of pure water is consumed during the entire 42 days.

Drink at least of your body weight (Pounds) in ounces daily. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, drink at least 50 ounces of water per day. If you weigh 150 pounds, drink at least 75 ounces, etc. Distilled water is best for cleansing. It is best to drink your water at room temperature, not cold. Use bottled water if you cannot get distilled.


Week 1 through 3 (Days 1 through 21) Super Clean Food

No animal products of ANY kind.

No dairy, no honey, no fish, no chicken, nothing derived from an animal.

No cooked foods except for steamed.

No baked, fried, grilled, microwaved, flamed or boiled.
This also means no bread

No pre-packaged seasonings. No salt, pepper, etc. You may use fresh garlic or other herbs.

The first 21 days allows only steamed and raw food. Veggiepatty


Optional: The Cleaner®

After the first 7 days of Super Clean Food, The Cleaner (or any good detox product) will greatly help the cleansing process. The Cleaner helps to detoxify and cleanse your system yet is gentle enough so that you can continue your daily work schedule. Many people can reduce the dosage of The Cleaner from 4 capsules to 1 or 2 because the Super Clean Food has already begun the cleaning process and it makes things go much faster. Judge the reaction of your system. You may take The Cleaner for 7 days (day 8-14) but if you are very toxic and clogged get the 14 day version. The Cleaner is available at www.TheCleaner.com or at health food stores across the U.S. The Cleaner is optional but if you really want it and can't afford The Cleaner click here.

Why The Cleaner?


Week 4 (Day 22-28) The Eden Diet
The Eden Diet is explained at 


Week 5 (day 29-35) Water Only Fast
It is strongly recommended that you read the book Quick Fasting FREE at www.quickfasting.com. It will help you to understand many of the principles and procedures of internal cleansing.


Week 6 (day 36-42) The Eden Diet~


You will not be the same after 42. Often your spirit and body will react more negatively if you put negative and unhealthy things back into it after you have cleansed it.


How to get started:


WARNING: Be prepared for extreme external forces to come against you as you go through 42. Elevation and the breaking of bonds and limits are often accompanied by tremendous opposition from forces that would keep you bound.


The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will instruct
his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet,
and in the cause and prevention of disease.
~Thomas Edison~


This is the beginning of a new you
and a new life.



Can I just do the diet portion of 42 without The 40 Day Miracle?
Why is 42 the most efficient program for spiritual transformation?
Can I begin 42 at any time  or must I start on a specified date?
How do I determine when to start what?

What if I am on medication, have a medical condition or under a doctor's care?

What is the difference between The 40 Day Miracle and 42?

Why 42 days?

What about questions about The 40 Day Miracle?

What do you mean by Super Clean Food?

Why can't I have seasonings such as salt and pepper?

What about juices?

What about coffee, it's a bean?

What about vitamins?

I eat fruit for breakfast but I'm hungry so fast again. What do I do?

What about dried foods?

What is The Eden Diet?

What's the difference between Super Clean Food & The Eden Diet?
Do I need to eat only organically grown foods?
What about preparing food "this way" and "that way?"
What type of water do I drink during the seven days of water only?

What about the veggie burger patty during Super Clean Food?

Why is The Cleaner recommended during a cleansing program and do I really need it?

What are the age limits for 42?


Can I just do the diet portion of 42 without doing the "other" stuff of The 40 Day Miracle?
Sure you can but then you aren't doing 42. 42 is a comprehensive program that covers mind, body and spirit. The dietary portion is just that, the dietary portion. Life consists of far more than just what we eat. Life is what we take in and send out. Medical science claims that the majority of our illnesses are related to our mental (spirit) state. 42 addresses both the mental (spirit) and the dietary. If you eliminate The 40 Day Miracle, then you will likely eliminate the most powerful (and most difficult) portion of 42.

Why do you say "42 is the most efficient program for spiritual transformation"?
That statement was spiritually given when counseling a person with problems. As the statement was reflected upon, the truth of it became more evident. There may be disciplines that will cause greater spiritual transformation but there are none that are more efficient. If you sat for years on a mountaintop with only soup perhaps you would have greater spiritual transformation but there is nothing more efficient than 42.


Can I begin 42 at any time or must I start on a certain date?
You can begin 42 at any time but it is best to follow a set schedule each year. You will get optimum results from doing 42 twice per year. The given dates are January 1st and July 1st. There is a reason for those dates. One is winter and the other is summer, they divide the year in two and each season has unique benefits. 42 twice per year will help your body, mind and spirit tremendously. Plus, it always helps when you are a part of a group. The standard group dates are January 1st to Feb 12th and July 1st to August 12th but you can start at any time. The key is to complete the 42 days, not the date on which you start. Sticking to the given days allows you to plan your schedule for 42 years in advance. As you age, the benefits of 42 grow. To determine when you will finish just use The 40 Day Miracle date calculator and add two days.


How do I determine when to start what?

42 is exactly six weeks. The day and time of the week that you start on will always be your new week. For example, if you start on a Tuesday at 11 AM, for the first three weeks you eat only Super Clean Foods. If you started on Tuesday at 11 then the start of the next Tuesday at 11 completes one week, the following Tuesday two weeks and the third Tuesday three weeks. Therefore on the third Tuesday at 11 AM after you start you would begin The Eden Diet. On the 4th Tuesday you begin the water fast. On the 5th Tuesday The Eden Diet and on the 6th Tuesday at 11 AM you are finished with 42. Simple.


What if I am on medication, have a medical condition or under a doctor's care?

Always check with your doctor BEFORE embarking on any special dietary or fasting program. DO NOT stop taking any of your medications without your doctor's approval.  Water fasting is not recommended for anyone with diabetes. However in most cases you should be able to substitute The Eden Diet in place of water fasting if you are diabetic. You won't get the full benefit of fasting but you will get great benefits. Check with your doctor first. Fasting is not recommended for pregnant women.


What is the difference between The 40 Day Miracle and 42?

42 INCLUDES The 40 Day Miracle and is two days longer. In addition to The 40 Day Miracle, 42 includes a thorough body cleansing program so that your mind, spirit AND body are renewed during the process.


Why 42 days?

42 and the Jan 1 and July 1 start dates were Divinely given. Bodily cleansing has always been important throughout history. This is why regular periods of fasting were included in all major religions. The best cleansing agent is the water fast but the water fast is also the most difficult.


Even the water fast's effectiveness is greatly improved if you can remove most of the dead and toxic waste in the body before the water fast. Thus, the periods of super clean food, raw food, and an optional detox agent greatly improve the power of the seven days of water only. You will find when the body has been swept by the super clean and raw food and the detox agent, that the water fast goes MUCH better.


It is significant that the opening of the New Testament of the Bible begins with the 42 generations required to produce The Christ.


What about questions about The 40 Day Miracle?

40day.com thoroughly explains The 40 Day Miracle. Over 100,000 people have experienced the awesome transforming power of The 40 Day Miracle. For details and questions about The 40 Day Miracle, simply go to www.40day.com. The rest of these FAQs will focus on the dietary program beyond The 40 Day Miracle that is unique to 42.


What do you mean by Super Clean Food?

During the first 21 days of 42 you can only eat Super Clean Food. Super Clean Food means NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS of ANY kind. No fish, beef, chicken or any other animal, no diary, no honey, etc. Nothing that is derived from an animal can be eaten.


Super Clean Food means that the only cooking method allowed is steaming. No frying, stir frying, boiling, grilling, microwaving, baking, etc. The only heat allowed is the use of a steamer.  Food steamers can be purchased at many stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, department stores or online. They average in price from $19-$49. Dedicated food steamers are difficult to find in stores. Most now sell rice cookers/food steamer combos. Food steamers can still be found readily online.


You may wonder, "Why can't you grill or stir-fry?" Steaming has another major benefit. It hydrates the food. A steamed sliced potato is moist (thinly slice potatoes before putting them into the steamer). A baked potato is dry. Steaming adds water to food which makes it easier and faster to digest. Steaming adds water to your diet and makes the food easier to eliminate. Therefore steaming is the only allowed heating method other than very warm water. What is meant by very warm water is simply very warm water (not so hot that you can't put your finger in it). Tap water from the hot water faucet is usually suitable for this purpose. It removes the chill from food. For example with corn or okra, if placed in very warm water it warms the food but does not cook it. This makes it more comfortable to eat especially with vegetables stored in the refrigerator.


The only foods allowed are vegetables, fruits, nuts, peas and beans. Yes, you can steam peas and beans. Nuts are to be eaten raw.


Since nothing can be heated other than steamed, it also means no bread, pastries, sugar, etc.


No seasonings other than that which is fully natural such as garlic, onions, etc.



Why can't I have seasonings such as salt and pepper?

Many eat heavily seasoned foods simply because their taste buds have become dulled by constantly eating highly seasoned or spicy foods. Once you stop eating the seasoned foods, your taste buds become sensitive again and you will taste the flavor in all natural foods.


Many have found that once they stop eating salted foods for a period of time and then eat the same level of salt as before, the food tastes far too salty. Your taste buds become acclimated to the foods that you eat.


42 is designed to clean. Not just the body, but it also helps to clean you of old habits and desires. Have you ever tasted baby food? It is very bland because when we are young our taste buds are sensitive and babies wouldn't tolerate seasoned foods. As we grow older and eat modern foods our taste buds become less sensitive as we assault them with heavy doses of salt and spices. You will be closer to a newborn as you finish 42.


What about juices?

It is best to make your own fruit juices and it is best to use a blender instead of a juicer. A blender will give you whole fruit, including the pulp. Most of the fiber which aids cleaning your digestive tract is in the pulp. If you just squeeze the juice out, you throw away the cleansing fiber.


Each morning make a delicious smoothie by putting fresh apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, peaches (frozen works well), grapes, etc. into a blender and blending it. Don't add any sugar or any other sweetner , just the fruit and water.


Vegetable juices are somewhat different. For example carrot, celery, beet and other vegetable juices don't work well in a blender. FRESHLY MADE vegetable juices (not canned) are allowed.


Remember, as close to what you would eat in nature is best.


What about coffee, it's a bean?

Read this MountainWings issue http://www.mountainwings.com/past/1184.htm


What about vitamins?

Vitamins are really foods. Vitamins can energize and provide nutrition in the place of food. Unless you have a particular medical need, leave out the vitamins during a cleanse.


I've been eating fruit for breakfast but I'm hungry so fast again after eating. What do I do?

That's not a bad thing. What you must realize is that foods straight from nature are usually processed by your body much faster than modern foods. People often complain of the same thing from Chinese food, that it "goes right through you" and you are soon hungry again. Oriental food prepared in the American style with heavy frying, grease and oil "sticks" much longer. The sticking to you really means hard to digest. Fruits and most natural plant foods that are non-processed are easily and quickly digested by the body. That's why you feel hungry faster. A heavy breakfast of meat, eggs, toast, potatoes or grits (usually all heavily cooked and greasy) is very difficult to digest and therefore sits with you for quite awhile. Man in the natural ate a series of short meals constantly, (picking fruit from trees and vines) so it wasn't the standard three meals per day. The faster the food is digested, usually the better it is for you. It's a feeling that you must get used to. The bloated super full feeling for a long time is the unnatural one.


What about dried foods?

There are many types of dried foods that technically fit the specifications but try to limit foods that don't have a high water content. Dried fruits, seeds and nuts fit this category. Remember this is a cleansing program and to cleanse you need a lot of water and high water content high fiber foods. Dried foods absorb water and can dry out the intestines if not heavily fiber laden. If you eat a lot of dried foods, make sure that you drink extra water.


What is The Eden Diet?

It's taken straight from the Bible. Some would call it a fruit or raw diet. I like to call it "The Eden Diet."


And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Gen. 1:29


The rule is simply this: If it fits what God allowed in the Garden of Eden when man was in perfection, then eat it.


So if it is raw (not cooked, pasteurized, or processed in any way), not of an animal but of herbal (plant) origin, you can eat it. You can warm foods with hot water. Since most vegetables are stored in the refrigerator, very warm water (not boiling water but water you can stick your finger in without it scalding you) can be used for warming. Tap water from the hot water faucet is usually suitable for this purpose. That's it, that's the Eden Diet.


All questions about what you can eat on The Eden Diet are answerable with, "Sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb (meaning plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered in any way."


What about vegetables. . . sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb (meaning plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered in any way.


What about nuts. . . sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb (meaning plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered in any way. Go easy on the nuts though. Nuts are concentrated protein foods and are rather difficult to digest. In addition, there is not much water in nuts. High water content foods are a necessity since they are the foods that flush the body.


What about fruit juices. . . isn't that altered from the garden? Yes, but . . . sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb (meaning plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered in any way. Eat the fruit whole or put it in a blender, (you need the fiber) just the way it was intended from the garden.


What about bread. . . that isn't from the garden.


What about honey. . . what plant makes honey?


The Eden Diet is an excellent pre-fast program. It's simple and it works. The enzymes from the fresh unaltered and uncooked fruits and vegetables work wonders on the system. Yes, vegetables can be eaten uncooked and raw.


It's interesting that cooked corn often goes through the digestive system with the kernels still intact. When corn is eaten raw, it's all digested, there are no kernels left in the stool. Raw corn is sweet too, where do you think they get corn syrup to sweeten so much stuff from? Okra, broccoli, and other vegetables can all be eaten raw. They flush out the body in many ways and prepare the body for the full fast.


Citrus fruits are especially good for this. Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tangerines all work within the body to neutralize the toxins and get them out of the body. The other rule of The Eden Diet: Try to eat one thing at a time and allow at least 20 to 30 minutes between different types of foods.


The one food at a time is nature's way. Again notice, only man combines more than one type of food at a meal. All animals in nature eat ONE THING at a time. The single food allows for greater and faster detoxifying than eating combination of foods.


The Eden Diet will not only begin the detox process, but if maintained long enough, will cause many miraculous self healings in itself. No doctor can cure you. Doctors do not have the power to heal. Only God can do that and He has placed the power within your own body and within the foods that have been placed in the garden for you.


What is the difference between the first 21 days of Super Clean Food and 4th and 6th weeks of The Eden Diet?
The difference is that the steaming of vegetables is allowed during the 21 days of Super Clean Food. In The Eden Diet only raw food is allowed since there were no steamers in the Garden of Eden and in perfection. Steaming is the best way to cook but even steaming destroys enzymes and other essential nutrients whereas raw preserves all nutrients.


Do I need to eat only organically grown foods?
Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic is best but organic is also harder to find and much more expensive. The major factor is not whether food is organic or not. It is not whether you eat an organic apple or a non-organically grown apple; it is whether you eat an apple or a donut. If you can afford organic, then organic is best. If you can't afford organic produce, or if you can't find organic produce nearby, then eat non-organically grown produce.


What about preparing food "this way" and "that way" instead of just steamed and raw?
We get tons of questions about what to eat and "Can I eat such and such because it is actually corn (or whatever) and just ground up but it's still raw?" or that "it is just wheat but it is not cooked…"  The questions about all of the various processing methods continue and we can't answer them all.

The spirit and purpose of 42 is this: Eat the food as close to the way God put it in nature as possible. People find that after they've been on 42 for a couple of weeks or more their taste buds change. They become more sensitive to the natural taste of food and the food begins to explode with flavor. If they eat a significant amount of food altered from the natural way that it is in nature this effect often doesn't happen. Some types of unprocessed grits can fit the definition of a raw food if it is just the ground corn but there is nothing in the garden that will taste like grits. It is technically in spec but in principle and purpose it greatly reduces the power and effect of 42.

A simple guideline is: If you can't recognize what it is on your plate as an item out of the garden then it is altered from the way God made it and don't eat it during 42.

You would be amazed at the reluctance to just eat things as God gave them to us. We want to try to "improve" on the natural way. So keep the spirit and get the maximum results by staying as true to God's real garden as you can.

What type of water do I drink during the seven days of water only?

For detoxing purposes distilled water is best but that's not the main thing. The main thing is to MAKE SURE that you drink enough water. The normal amount of water that is recommended by health experts is of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces per day.  That's the normal amount. Fasting usually requires more but the normal amount is a minimum to wash the toxins out of your body. If you can't easily find distilled water, then any type of water will do. It is better to drink enough tap water than a small amount of distilled water.


What about the veggie burger patty during the 21 days of Super Clean Food?

To be honest, modern veggie patties have too much salt (sodium). Excess salt is a major contributor to the extremely high hypertension rate and other health problems. The veggie burger patty is added to this program just for taste, not health. It's the one concession or indulgence.


You are allowed up to 280 mg of sodium per day from a veggie patty. Veggie burgers now contain from 250 mg to 500 mg of sodium per patty. 115 to 500 mg is the daily limit of sodium that some health experts recommend. Look in the frozen food section of grocery and health foods stores and look at the sodium content per patty. Try to find veggie burgers that contain 250 mg per patty (or less if possible). If you get one that is higher, then don't eat a full patty. Try to limit your daily sodium intake from veggie burgers to 280 mg total for the day.


For a more detailed explanation of salt, read this excerpt from the book, FAT2Fine - The SPIRIT of Weight Loss.


NOTE: The veggie patty must be steamed. It tastes great steamed so don't worry.


Why is The Cleaner® recommended during a cleansing program and do I really need it?
The Cleaner makes fasting more effective and easier. It is similar to detergent in a cleansing process.  The Cleaner is one of the few detoxes that you can take and still work a normal routine because of the gentle yet thorough action. The Cleaner is simple to take. No mixing powders, no multiple bottles of pills, no complicated instructions, veggie capsules for an animal free detox and it is inexpensive compared to most detoxes.


The Cleaner also covers all major body systems including parasites which is difficult to find in any other detox. Overall The Cleaner makes any fasting and cleansing program more effective and easier. When The Cleaner is used it helps to remove much more of the waste and toxins that would normally be removed through fasting. When toxins are removed through fasting alone, it is usually rougher than when they are removed with the help of a detox.

The Cleaner is only sold and shipped in the U.S. so those in other countries will not be able to get The Cleaner. It is not necessary for 42, it only helps. Most health foods stores will have some form of detox that can be substituted. A detox is not absolutely necessary or required; it only helps the cleansing process. The majority of the cleansing is accomplished by the water, diet and fasting regimen.


What are the age limits for 42?

The minimum age is up to parental discretion. Fasting is the only concern and if fasting is questionable simply substitute The Eden Diet for the water fast. Teenagers may try to fast for the wrong reasons which could lead to eating disorders. The closer a youth is to adult body size, the more likely they can do the full 42 program. Parents know the maturity and spiritual level and physical condition of their children. Youth in industrialized countries are overweight in epidemic proportions and are plagued by an increasing number of illnesses formerly reserved for adults. Parents will need to make their own decisions about whether their child can participate in 42. I made the decision concerning my son.


The maximum age is also up to your discretion and physical condition. Some at 75 are in better condition than others at 45. Again, only the water fasting portion is in question so if in doubt substitute The Eden Diet for the water fast.

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