- Fullness Anointing -

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The Fullness Anointing

At the end of message #3 Gluttony - The One Sin You Cannot Hide,
is an anointing that causes people to supernaturally feel full.

Amazing?  Yes!  But don't knock it until you give it a try.

It worked in the live service, it works when listened to electronically.

Commit to The 40 Day Miracle, then listen to each of The 7 Messages.  At the end of message #3 is The Fullness Anointing.

Don't be surprised if you burp during the administering of The Fullness Anointing, it happens with many people.

People report appetite reduction and cannot eat as much beginning with the very next meal.  They go from being hungry to actually feeling full and bloated.

This is a gift from God but you MUST commit to The 40 Day Miracle for the anointing to have full effect.

If God can supernaturally remove drug and tobacco addition, surely He can take away excess appetite and restore your weight and health to normal

Q: Is there a guarantee The Fullness Anointing will work for me?
A: Yes, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Q: Wait a minute, The Fullness Anointing doesn't cost any money!
A; Exactly, so what have you got to lose?  Just listen to ALL of
the message and follow the directions completely.

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