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The 40 Day Miracle Daily Proclamation
To be read out loud each morning and night

Dear God I surrender my life to you. Help me to change my will to Thy will.

I will listen twice to the seven messages on 40day.com giving me the Scriptural and practical basis for each of the seven areas of The 40 Day Miracle. I will read the FAQ's each week. Just as your Son was tempted for a 40 day period, just as Moses had two 40 day experiences on the mountain, just as Elijah fasted during a 40 day journey to hear God, just as You opened the windows of heaven and cleansed the earth during a 40 day rain, and just as Jesus appeared during a 40 day span after His resurrection,

I consecrate before You this 40 day season for my change.

I ask for and expect to be a new creature after this 40 day consecration. I ask for and expect The 40 Day Miracle within my life, mind, and spirit. Opposition, resistance, and challenge will come; but I know that greater is He who is within me than he who is in the world. I will overcome every temptation, opposition, doubter, resistance, challenge, and past habit. With your help Dear God, I will succeed.

During this 40 day period for The 40 Day Miracle I , _________________ , pledge the following:

Number One: I pledge to read this statement aloud each morning and night and it will take root within my heart. This helps to reduce my pride and helps me to realize that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and that I can do nothing successfully without you O God.

Number Two: I pledge that I will compliment someone each day and will say nothing negative about anyone. Each day I will find and tell someone something good or great about themselves.
I cannot count the compliments of the same person more than twice within any one week towards this pledge. I will not gossip or make negative statements of any kind about another person. This combats envy as it focuses me on others and gears me to be happy for them instead of focusing on myself.

Number Three: I pledge that I will stop eating BEFORE I am full. Health experts and medical research have long confirmed that we live longer and are healthier if we stop eating before we are full; therefore, I will leave the table still slightly hungry. This helps me to control the flesh's strongest physical craving which is food, and helps me to control gluttony. If I have a tendency to overeat, I will listen once per week to message #3 - Gluttony, and freely receive The Fullness Anointing at the end of the message.

I WILL stop eating at each meal BEFORE I am full.

Number Four: If I am doing this, I pledge that I will stop flirting, having affairs, committing fornication, looking at pornography, or communicating with a person who is not my spouse or who is an ex.

This helps to control the lust within me.

Number Five: I pledge that I will not get angry, curse or complain.
I will not raise my voice in anger. Nothing great or small will make me angry or react in anger. I will not complain about ANYTHING. Not the weather, not the government, not the news, not my aches, not my money, not my kids, my spouse, my job, my car, traffic, or anything else.
I will NOT complain about ANYTHING!

Number Six: I pledge that I will give someone something material each day.
The size does not matter. Whether it is a dollar or a donut or buying someone's lunch, I must give someone "other than my own children" something each day. At least every other day it must be someone OUTSIDE of my family. If I am a member of a church, during this period I will give to my church as directed by my church. Concentrating on giving helps me to control greed and realize my own blessings.

Number Seven: I will pray and read scripture for my age in minutes daily.**
Each morning I will pray for ___ minutes and read scripture for ___ minutes.
Before bed I will pray for ____ minutes and read scripture for ____ minutes.
This helps me to control spiritual laziness and to know the Word and Voice of God.

I Thank You God for this day. I Thank You God for your mercy and grace.
I Thank You God for the miracle that You will perform in my life during and after my 40 day miracle.

*The latest FAQ's are HERE   **Fill-in blanks with 1/4 age rounding up to the next whole minute       rev. b1


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