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We encourage you to list the date that you start The 40 Day Miracle in the testimony/signup section. This leaves a written record of your commitment to make a change in your life. Here you can read other's testimonies and experiences and post your own. You can regularly update your experience to keep a running online record of your 40 Day Miracle Experience.

Follow these 2 simple steps:
Click REGISTER when you go to the TESTIMONY section.
You will have to confirm your email address once you register before you can post your testimony but the confirmation email is instantly sent to you. If you have already registered, simply enter your user name and password at the bottom. If you check, "Log me on automatically each visit" you will not need to login again.

2. Write your comments:
  If you have not posted an entry, click "New Topic" and write your comment.
  If you are updating an entry, find your entry by clicking SEARCH and entering your user name in the "Search for Author:" field.
  Once you find your entry, click the subject under the Topics column then click "Edit" in the upper right-hand corner. Add additional comments to your entry.

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