- The First Step -

The first step of
The 40 Day Miracle
is 3D Vision

"You must be able to believe, commit to, and SEE yourself completing this program."

  • Discover
  • Decide
  • Do

1. Discover: You must become familiar with what The 40 Day Miracle is.  You need to know the Biblical and practical background of The 40 Day Miracle.  The more you know, the more you will realize this is for you and the more likely it is that you will be successful.

2. Decide: You must MAKE UP YOUR MIND to do this.
All positive changes begin with a decision when presented with opportunity.  No one can make up your mind for you.  You must want to go to a better level in life.  You must desire it.  Often something can only be truly desired when we are just plain tired of what we have been getting.  If you are ready to go to a better level then The 40 Day Miracle is for you.

3. Do: You must DO IT!
No excuses, no procrastination, no reasons and rationale why not.  You must simply DO IT and stick to the entire 40 day program.

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