- The 7 Deadly Sins -

The Seven Deadly Sins have been recognized by the church since the late 6th century.  The were solidified in the 17th century by the church into the terminology that we use today.

The 40 Day Miracle gives you a program that directly neutralizes the seven deadly sins.  You can listen to audio messages concerning each of the seven and begin today to change your life by neutralizing the detrimental effects of these seven sins.


#1 PRIDE - Stiff Necked Saints

#2 ENVY - You Got It I Want It

#3 GLUTTONY - The One Sin You Cannot Hide (The Fullness Anointing is at the end)

#4 LUST - Gotta Have It

#5 ANGER - When Your Last Nerve Is About To Go

#6 GREED - Swimming Pool in the Bathroom

#7 SLOTH - Busy Being Lazy

Daily Proclamation

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