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The Cleaner®


Q: Why is The Cleaner recommended during a cleansing program?
A: It makes fasting more effective and easier. It is similar to detergent in a cleansing process. The Cleaner is one of the few detoxes that you can take and still work a normal routine because of the gentle yet thorough action. The Cleaner is simple to take. No mixing powders, no multiple bottles of pills, no complicated instructions, veggie capsules for an animal free detox and it is inexpensive compared to most detoxes.

The Cleaner also covers all major body systems including parasites which is difficult to find in any other detox. Overall The Cleaner makes any fasting and cleansing program more effective and easier. When The Cleaner is used it helps to remove much more of the waste and toxins that would normally be removed through fasting. When toxins are removed through fasting alone, it is usually rougher than when they are removed with the help of a detox.


Q: What if I can't afford The Cleaner?
A: If you want The Cleaner and honestly can't afford it, we will pay for it and send it to you at no charge.


This is what you must do:

  • Write or type the detailed reasons why you can't afford The Cleaner® in a letter.
  • Request the 7 Day or 14 Day bottle. Sign it and enclose a photocopy of a picture ID.
  • Mail the letter to: MountainWings, 120 SELIG Dr., Atlanta, GA 30336
  • We will pay for The Cleaner for you and mail it to you as long as you are in the U.S.

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